Bridging the Medway
  • 01 02 2015

Bridging the Medway


Work on the new Medway Crossing River Bridge is under way after corrugated sheet piling began on the west riverbank in September, with the east side following on during December.

The river wall piling will facilitate access required to construct temporary jetties from each side of the river, needed to create the bridge foundations within the River Medway.

Circular steel pipes will be driven into the river bed to support the jetty decks along which the piling rig will travel (pictured).

Coffer dams constructed from sheet piles will then be driven into the river bed at the locations of the proposed oval-shaped bridge supports. The bridge construction is expected to take 18 months.

Reports that the bridge construction work will effectively dam the Medway and cause flooding are completely false and misguided; any tidal waterway must be allowed to ebb and flow and our works will in no way impede this natural process.