New school under way at Peters Village
  • 09 03 2017

New school under way at Peters Village

Source: Steve Loader

Work has started on a new school at Peters Village to serve the new community there and the nearby village of Wouldham.

The project has been previously described as a ‘win, win’ situation for Kent County Council (KCC) – as education authority – and the Peters Village developer, Trenport, which transferred the school land for a nominal £1 and injected £4.43 million towards the build.

Trenport Director Chris Hall explained: “We always intended to build a new school for Peters Village families, but Wouldham primary school’s head teacher Carl Fitter and the governors instigated an approach to us by KCC Education about creating an enlarged school to take pupils from there too; they felt that, without costly refurbishment, the old village school had reached the end of its useful life.

“We were only too happy to oblige. It meant re-locating our original Peters Village school site, but this in turn created more space for badly needed housing development – a win, win situation.

“However, we must stress that Trenport’s involvement with this project ended with sale of the land and funding.

“The enlarged project to include Wouldham School is now wholly in the hands of KCC and its contractor Baxall Construction and, although we have seen the school design concept, we are currently awaiting the schedule for its completion from Kent County Council.”

He added that Baxall Construction moved onto the new school site in early February and has been stripping topsoil and carrying out other preliminary enabling work. The works will also include diversion of some overhead power lines underground by UK Power Networks, which will need to be carried out in advance of the school building work.