Focus on the Greenway

Focus on the Greenway

Hall Road at Wouldham is an important part of the Peters Village development and its approved re-working ‘Greenway’ will make it fit for its new use, and as visually and environmentally attractive as any road can be.

This strategy followed extensive negotiation with all public bodies, and includes the cycleways that many communities desire. There was also a major public consultation exercise involving Wouldham residents particularly, as they are closest to this traffic scheme.

Overall, this sensitively designed upgrade of an existing route will also end the isolation that has worried the community for years, though a few have argued for scrapping the Greenway idea and closing Hall Road to vehicles altogether.

However, the new route will link the whole community on both sides of the new bridge with access to the west bank’s shops, schools, and road, motorway and rail links, plus all the benefits of the new Peters Village, which include a new medical centre, community centre and playing fields, school, and shops.

Bridge access via the Greenway also improves emergency service access to Wouldham dramatically, which would otherwise detour via Court Road, Burham High Street and Knowle Road – the Greenway, therefore becomes a potential lifesaver.

Concerns have been raised that Hall Road/Greenway might become a traffic ‘rat run’ once the bridge opens, but checks have been put in place to avoid this:

• The Greenway’s traffic lights will be set up initially to give faster access from Wouldham to the new bridge than the reverse direction.

• Improved bus services funded by Trenport will also have priority at the lights.

• The 2006 planning consent stipulated that no more than 500 homes can be occupied in Peters Village before the Greenway is opened, but Trenport is so sure of its benefits that we aim to open it ahead of that point, so everyone gains increased connectivity and a vastly improved bus service much sooner.

greenway benefits

"Trenport is so sure of the Greenway's benefits that we aim to open it ahead of schedule, so everyone gains increased connectivity and a vastly improved bus service much sooner"