Peters Bridge re-opens
  • 10 02 2017

Peters Bridge re-opens

Peters Bridge re-opened today (Friday 10 February) at approximately 1.30 p.m.

The new crossing over the Medway had been closed since Monday 30 January for remedial work by BAM Nuttall, after the contractor fitted incorrect expansion joints to both ends of the bridge roadway deck and footpaths.

A Trenport spokesman said: “This regrettable but necessary closure took rather longer than we were warned of, with inconvenience to all traffic then compounded by inadequate signage from the contractor.

“For our part, we aimed to convey as much information to the community as soon as it was made available, making use of our website, extensive network of community contacts, and the media.

“As we explained previously, expansion joints are designed to allow movement between sections of the bridge, due to traffic weight and temperature variations. There was never any danger to the public from having incorrect joints in place, but the long-term life of the bridge could have been affected so, reluctantly, we had to allow BAM Nuttall to address the issue.”