Drinking water - your questions answered
  • 11 09 2017

Drinking water - your questions answered

Trenport is often asked whether the Peters Village and new Medway crossing project poses any risk of flooding or interference with drinking water supplies.

And the answer is 'No' on both counts. Short term pumping was needed in the winter of 2013/2014 due to unusually wet weather - action approved by the Environment Agency - but no long term pumping is required.

Any ground levels potentially at flood risk have been raised, using material left over from re-shaping the middle and upper platforms of the former pit to ready it for the new housing there. 

Improved flood defences at Ferry Lane were an obligation under the scheme's planning consent and an update on that can be found in the 'News section' of this site.

The Environment Agency has no concerns that the development will have any impact upon drinking water.