Don’t worry – it’s just one bridge across the Medway
  • 12 10 2015

Don’t worry – it’s just one bridge across the Medway

Peters Village developer, Trenport, has confirmed that it was building just one new bridge over the River Medway.

Countering speculation that two crossings were under construction, Trenport Director Chris Hall said: “We can assure everyone that we have applied for and been granted permission for just the one road bridge over the Medway.

“And the work is on schedule for completion in summer 2016, when the bridge will open immediately to all vehicular traffic, pedestrians, cyclists and equestrians. Contrary to other erroneous claims, there is also no requirement to first let it 'settle' for a year.”

Mr Hall said rumours of a second river bridge might have arisen from confusion with a replacement road bridge over the railway line on the Medway’s west bank, which allows the new road over the river to link with the A228 roundabout north of Snodland/south of Halling (see accompanying cross-section):

“So, yes, in one sense we are building a second bridge – but not over the Medway. This smaller bridge over the railway, replaces one that was inadequate for the new road we are building.

“It is also possible that people became confused about the number of river bridges when they saw the pair of diagonally opposed service jetties, being built out from the east and west banks of the Medway. These are simply to facilitate construction of the bridge itself and will be removed after completion, leaving a new single landmark bridge.”

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