Next school arts project - update
  • 06 10 2015

Next school arts project - update

Trenport and its Peters Village site developer Bam Nuttall have pledged to follow-up on the success of this year’s inaugural Tri-history Arts Project or 'Why I Love My Valley'.

Primary school pupils in Wouldham, Burham and Eccles, were offered £3,500 in prize money for individuals and their schools, with some entries now expected to inspire community art exhibits commissioned by Trenport for the new Peters Village community.

However, the 2016 competition will be slightly different, as Trenport Community Liaison Manager Shirley Boards explained: "When we launched the original competition, we envisaged that it would have a triennial flow, one year involving all pupils at the three village schools and then Year 5 (aged 9-10) children the following two years and so on.

“This takes pressure off both teachers and pupils for what is a major – though wonderfully creative - undertaking.”

Details of the next competition will announced on soon, with work likely to start in January.

PICTURED: 'The moment' - Wouldham pupils learn of victory at the inaugural event